Is Your Logo on the Mark?

by Bronson Ma

A logo is an important identity of your brand. Just like any other marketing materials, a logo needs to communicate the strategic direction a company has made regarding its brand. Without the right strategy, a logo will not reflect the values, vision, and messages of your brand. Is your logo on the mark? Below are a few tips to keep in mind when developing a logo:

A logo should be simple and not contain too much details. It needs to communicate quickly and memorably about the company or product. Your logo doesn’t and shouldn’t say everything about your company but just a few core aspects of it, which will be determined by the brand strategy.

A logo has many different application purposes – stationery, websites, presentations, vehicles, brochures, promotional materials, etc. A logo needs to have the ability to work in black and white as well as in different sizes without losing its quality when scaled. Different file formats and specifications of the logo should be created such as black and white, PMS (spot colors), CMYK (4-color process), and RGB in both vector and pixel formats. Fonts that are a part of the logo should be outlined therefore not requiring a user to have the font(s) installed on their computer to read the file correctly.

A good identity should last anywhere between 10 to 15 years. Brand recognition will take time. Make sure the logo is achieving the right brand recognition. Don’t go with a logo because it appears “trendy” or that’s what everyone else is doing. Remember the dotcom bust!

A logo should be flexible enough to expand if the company or product introduces additional sub groups or product lines that are under the parent brand. Be careful not to alter the original logo but rather enhance it by adding necessary text and perhaps use different colors to identify the different sub groups or product lines.

Your logo can give the right or the wrong impression. People form perceptions before they interact and experience with your brand. Hiring a creative firm for your logo development should be a top priority for your company and should not be left in the untrained hands.