10 Things We Believe Most About Social Media

by QMobius

Social media has catapulted brand communications into an exciting, ever-changing space that has redefined the industry. With the potential to influence immediate change, social media can effectively reach large audiences when done right. Brands use social media to promote brand awareness, develop brand loyalty, drive traffic to their websites, generate leads, research audiences, and so much more. With endless opportunities, the following tips will help you uncover your social media potential.


  1. Engagement should be the framework. Social media should be viewed as a two-way conversation, or dialog between a brand and it’s audience.
  2. Develop a strategy. Whether you’re identifying a unified voice and tone, planning content or determining which platforms to activate, it’s important to think long-term to make the most meaningful impact.
  3. Cultivate an open forum for conversation and allow audiences to participate in honest communication. To build an active community, it should be as easy as possible for readers to interact.
  4. Measure and analyze results. Establish social media goals and metrics, and recalibrate if/when necessary. Measuring results ensures that you’re getting the most of your program.
  5. Create unique content. Infographics, blogs, images and videos are easy share. Brand your content and watch it circulate through various platforms.
  6. Be plugged into the latest social media trends. Social media moves at rapid speeds, which cause platforms to constantly update their features. Pay attention to new platforms, tools, and algorithms. It’s important to have your finger on the pulse in order to create fresh content.
  7. Stay relevant to your audience. Know your target audience and create content that’s useful. Create content that would pique their interest or solve problems specific to their needs.
  8. Collaborate with other teams. Work closely with other departments in the organization. Implementing social media through different functions, or lenses, in the company will help you create a comprehensive, holistic strategy.
  9. Don’t go right to the sell. Pushing products will discredit your message and discourage potential fans to become invested in the brand.
  10. Above all, make it fun! Push your creativity to its limits. Breathe personality into a brand through fun, unique and entertaining ways.