Advice For Entering the Communications Job Market

by QMobius

The public relations landscape may be tough to navigate as you start, but as with any journey, you can pick up directions along the way that will help you arrive to your destination. At QMobius, we believe the following advice for entering the communications job market will steer you in the right direction to launch your career.

Combine Your Intellectual Strengths
A joint degree is a great path for those who have established their interest in communications, as well as another specialization, while they’re still attending school. Bridging both industries will give you leverage and demonstrate your knowledge, even before you’re able to gain experience. Students considering this route should speak with advisors about the best route, as many schools offer concurrent or joint programs. Either way, it’s important to weigh options with a long-term perspective when choosing the direction of your education.

Internships are important because they allow you to gain practical experience that will set you apart in the job market. Not only will you acquire direct insight into what the day-to-day looks like at a particular company, but you will also work in a number of areas that may lead you to your exact interests. Find companies that have established internship programs. Typically, they are the most beneficial for students because they are shaped to offer the most diverse experiences.

Find a Mentor
It’s great to connect with somebody who you can give you professional advice about your career. Whether you are vetting different opportunities or are confronted with a problem at work, mentors can draw from past experiences to help you anticipate issues you may not be aware of. Alternatively, you can inform your mentor about new technologies or trends that they may not be as familiar with. Choose a mentor wisely and meet regularly to talk about achieving personal success.

Join a Professional Networking Organization
The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), American Marketing Association (AMA), and International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) are all great organizations to join. Contact your local chapter, or research collegiate chapters to get involved. By becoming a member, you’ll gain opportunities for continued professional development from seasoned veterans, and education on the latest industry trends. Professional organizations also offer a platform to demonstrate leadership. Gain professional recognition among a network of other professionals to enhance career advancement opportunities.

Use the Interview to Vet Your Options
To prepare for an interview, thoroughly research the prospective company. While you may view yourself as the interviewee, the interview should be a process where you can ask question to decide if the opportunity is one you want to pursue. Some topics to discuss are training and development programs, the review process, and promotion considerations.

 Be a Student For Life
Most communication professionals will tell you that being curious is one of the most important characteristics for career success. In an ever-changing industry, expanding your knowledge and constantly evolving will help you learn and adapt to new trends. Above all, it’s crucial to fully understand a client or brand, and its competitors. Asking the right questions upfront will help you create meaningful, unique solutions.